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Become an Educated Energy Consumer    OttawaEnergyAudit     Thursday 17 June 2021
Current Time-of-use pricing is: medium at 19.393¢/kWh
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Cost Breakdown for Smart Meters:
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Rates for Hydro Ottawa customers: (only if you do not buy from a reseller)
Effective May 1, 2015. Current as of 17 June 2021.

Note that the low demand price of 8.00¢ (total actual cost of 13.029¢ per kWh) applies at all times on weekends and holidays. The graphs below are for Monday to Friday.

The average price per kWh for an appliance that is always on drawing a constant load is 17.487¢ per kWh in the summer, and 17.623¢ per kWh in the winter.
Summer Prices (May 1 - Oct 31)
Winter Prices (Nov 1 - Apr 30)
Low Demand Medium Demand High Demand
Energy Charge 8.00¢/kWh 12.20¢/kWh 16.10¢/kWh
Transmission Charge +1.150¢/kWh +1.150¢/kWh +1.150¢/kWh
Wholesale Market Charge +0.560¢/kWh +0.560¢/kWh +0.560¢/kWh
Debt Retirement Charge +0.694¢/kWh +0.694¢/kWh +0.694¢/kWh
Hydro Ottawa Delivery Charge +2.060¢/kWh +2.060¢/kWh +2.060¢/kWh
Surcharge for Loss Compensation
(not applied to debt retirement charge or delivery charge)
+3.580% +3.580% +3.580%
GST (applied to all charges, including fixed charge) +5.000% +5.000% +5.000%
PST (applied to all charges, including fixed charge) +8.000% +8.000% +8.000%
Total Actual Cost per kWh 14.477¢/kWh 19.393¢/kWh 23.958¢/kWh
With McGuinty Election Year 10% Discount 13.029¢/kWh 17.454¢/kWh 21.562¢/kWh
Note: A fixed charge of $20.68 is added to each bill in addition to the cost per kWh. Any rentals or other similar charges are not included in this calculation.