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How To Read Your Meter

If you have a meter with numbers which roll like a car odometer, or an electronic meter with a digital display, reading your meter is straightforward. If you have one like the the one below, here are the instructions for reading it.
OttawaEnergyAudit: Read your meter
Analog Hydro Meter

Start with the dial at the far left and move right. In this case the meter reads: 07172
On this meter you can see "MULT x10" on the bottom. That means the last dial is 10 kWh per mark. You can estimate in-between the marks.
If it is between two marks, it is the lower of the two. Watch that some dials on the same meter read up clockwise and some up counter-clockwise.
Once you know how to read the meter, measure your consumption, and estimate what your bill will be.