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Become an Educated Energy Consumer    OttawaEnergyAudit     Thursday 17 June 2021
Current Time-of-use pricing is: medium at 19.393¢/kWh
Contact us now to book your audit.

Ask about our $25 referral rebate.
The Audit: $195 ~Two Hours

• Complete testing of all appliances room by room with a written report showing where every ¢ of your electricity is going.

• Itemized list of improvements specific to your home with an estimate of cost and time to payback.

• Create a wish list of potential savings from lifestyle changes, so you can make important decisions without guess-work.

Other Services:

• We provide homebuyer's advice so you can estimate how much electricity your new home may consume.

• We give advice on adding features to your new or existing home which will make saving energy easier to do.

• We will supply a speaker to talk about electrical efficiency and green issues.

• We can explain the current state of green energy alternatives.

Contact us for more information on these custom services.

The fine print:
Prices assume a home of 2000 ft² or less. Extra charges may apply for larger homes.
We cannot do our job without accurate information from you. Results depend partly on information you have supplied. Please answer all questions to the best of your ability, even though it may incriminate any family energy-hogs. J