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Become an Educated Energy Consumer    OttawaEnergyAudit     Thursday 17 June 2021
Current Time-of-use pricing is: high at 23.958¢/kWh
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Your Consumption:

Do you know where your electricity goes?
We will tell you exactly where it goes.

We will measure the energy consumption of each and every electrical appliance in your home. We then provide a customized breakdown of where your energy and hard-earned cash are going.

In addition, we provide you with personalized hints on how to reduce consumption and the potential size of your electricity bill.

Not only will you have the satisfaction of knowing you are doing something positive for the environment, but you will be saving money.

Start by recording your consumption. See which activities have the largest impact on your consumption. Read the meter at the same time each day and record the number of kWh used and any activities such as a load of laundry. Then feed your numbers into the Bill Simulator to see how much you can save.

Do an audit! Make informed decisions!
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