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Published Columns: January 2005
Curbing Your Consumption:
Where do I start?

By John Ford

Many people would like to make some changes, but have limited resources. So which steps could you take now which will give you the best bang for the buck?

For comparison, one compact fluorescent of 13 Watts replacing a 60 Watt bulb on for 8 hours a day saves $13 per year.

Information on the the National Resources Canada web site lists the average energy use of appliances by year in kWh:
Year 1984 1990 1997 1999 2002 save/year
Fridge 1457 1067 666 664 526 $86
Dishwasher 1213 1026 650 641 623 $53
Freezer 813 658 342 338 336 $44
Clothes Washer 1243 1218 931 861 876 $34
Dryer 1214 1103 888 908 909 $28
Range 790 772 773 759 750 $4

As you can see, replacing a 20 year old range will not bring big savings, but a new fridge or freezer would be quite worthwhile. Also keep in mind that an older fridge or freezer will also have suffered insulation breakdown, so the numbers today might be as much as 50% higher. At today's cost of 9.23¢/kWh* it could take 5 to 8 years to pay for a new fridge on energy savings. As electricity rates rise (expected in the spring) these times will shorten quickly. If you're using enough to trigger the higher 10.1¢/kWh price, you might save enough to bring you back under 750 kWh/month, increasing the savings.

Also look at reliability. If you listen to CBC radio's appliance call-in show like I do, you'll know that today's appliances are made with more plastic parts, are less reliable, and are sometimes not repairable. Appliances take energy to produce them. If a new dishwasher only lasts 5 years and needs replacing, there is no economy, financial or energy-wise. Always do some homework before buying an appliance to see how reliable it will be.

*Total cost after all charges and taxes.

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John Ford is a technology consultant, and owner of a small energy conservation business.