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Become an Educated Energy Consumer    OttawaEnergyAudit     Monday 26 July 2021
Current Time-of-use pricing is: low at 14.477¢/kWh
Contact us now to book your audit.

Curb Your Consumption
 Your electricity costs are growing!


The #1 question people have is: "How much is each of my appliances using?"
We can help you get a handle on your consumption.
Borrow a Kill-A-Watt meter from the Ottawa Public Library, or pick up a UPM EM100 from a local auto parts store for less than $30, and feed the numbers into our new quick online audit tool. You don't need the exact numbers that the meter will give you, but it will help you see more accurate results.
Understand Your Costs Understand Your Costs
Understand Your Bill Understand Your Bill
Do Something About It Do Something About It
If every household in Ontario met the target of 7 kWh/day, we would have reduced the overall consumption in the province by about 25%. Take the challenge!